Learn to Leverage the Power of Visual Communication in Dispute Resolution

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  • Build Agreement with Visual Templates

    Support Stages of Getting to Agreement With Helpful Guidance From Visuals

    • Separate the problem from the people by literally turning it into something external to be worked upon
    • Empower participants to navigate (and replicate) frameworks for processing disagreements constructively
    • Increase your parties’ focus on the information that matters most to solving the issues
    • Create customized visual templates you will use over and over
  • Big Beginnings In Visual Mediation

    Apply Visual Communication Throughout Your Practice to Resolve Disputes More Effectively

    • Develop a visual vocabulary you can use to amplify interventions at any stage in the dispute resolution process
    • Improve communication, create more focus and regulate emotion with the help of visuals
    • Boost the culture of collaboration and increase transparency in your sessions
    • Advance your entire practice with client-centric, innovative visual communication methods